You wait for a bus, and then …

Yes it’s an all-action day in “Thought grazing Towers”. I’ve been meaning to poll for a day/time for our next socialmedia cafe event, but you know, the time never seemed just quite right, there was always something else that was “more pressing” {don’t laugh}.

Anyway, with Google+ in the wild (OK, under some kind of control in the wild) and with some other interesting developments:

  • What is, do you see a use case for it?
  • The emergence of Oxygen as a competitor for Dropbox in the enterprise.
  • Should we be pushing Posterous more as an easy-entry socialmedia tool?

… not to mention the feedback from, and follow-up to the Learning and Teaching Conference in May, we need to meet and chat over coffee don’t you think?

There’s a link to a meet-o-matic invite here. I’ll tweet it as well. When I see a good number of folk clustering around a given day/time I’ll re-tweet a revised meet-o-matic. Then I’ll update the side panel and tweet the event – so watch out for further updates. I’ve been thinking about using the cafe at Julian Hodge – what do others think? You might also note one option is late Friday afternoon, that would allow for an adjournment to a local hostelry for the dedicated.

I’ve not been asleep, just resting … it won’t be a roar, but it won’t be a whimper either!

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