Two tools you should have a look at

Been experimenting with a couple of tools recently:

Evernote – a means of saving scraps of information (from webpages, photos, pdfs, scans, etc) into a repository that is then available to you from the “cloud” – really useful if you move about; are working on a document; want to access it from anywhere … and it’s not the final article. Sort of multi-media equivalent of a post-it sticker that you can get at, anytime you want. Available for both windows and mac, so you can use it to transfer info between platforms also. If the document/project is more than just ephemeral then you could transfer it into another favourite of mine – dropbox.

The other one is – – a very clever scheduling and calendaring tool. This enables you to have sight of any number of calendars eg Sametime, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Entourage/iCal (and the contacts associated with these systems) all in one place and then to invite people to meetings, or allow people to book meetings with you, on the basis of your published calendar. For instance you can see my availability at – it doesn’t show what I’m doing (hope I’m not revealing too much).

However, for those on the move; or those using multiple calendars – this could be a godsend. One thing to note though. When you setup your tungle account, if you want to sync with Sametime, DON’T use Google as your identity provider. The Tungle widget that sits (running in the background) in the Notes client doesn’t know how to handle OpenID and/or anything other than simple username and password. So, regretably, you have to set up a tungle account – I learnt this from experience … I now have two tungle accounts – one of which I won’t be needing for too much longer 🙂