Polling for a July date

With all the excitement of the university’s social media strategy; the impressive roll-out of Connections and of course recent announcements from Apple, Microsoft and Google – not to forget Digidol of course – it must be time to have another meet-up and a cup of coffee.

I’m posting here the meet-o-matic link, please use it so that we can see if we can find a date in the w/b 9th July for a chat in the Costa Coffee, Park Place, Cardiff.

Look forward to seeing you! Oldies and newbies alike. Stay as long, or as short, a time as you like.

Spring clean your minds – Take 2!!

[Updated post – too many people, including me couldn’t make next Wednesday, revised date and time.]

Well, Christmas lethargy has almost passed. One hopes the cold and snow has gone for this year too. Now’s the time for a little spring-cleaning! That’s what we’re doing in our house at the moment and it occurred to me that’s what needed with our minds sometimes. We carry around so many thoughts and ideas that it’s difficult to focus on what is actually the most important. What is it that actually needs to get done? What is it that needs to be written on our blogs, or what that we have written needs to be posted.

An excellent example of latent thinking and writing surfaced over the weekend in Kelly Page‘s “Social ways of working in Higher Education“. In a tweet, Kelly mentioned that she’d written this post a year ago but hadn’t been sure whether to post it, or not. How often is that so true. How many other ideas and thoughts are getting cobwebs collecting around them that are crying out to see the light of day. How many others just need to be swept away, to allow others to emerge and grow?

So that’s the theme of the next Thought grazing Social Media Cafe (#tgsmc) to be held on Friday morning, 9th March from 11:00am at Costa Coffee in Park Place. Come and do a bit of thought spring cleaning as well as have a good chat and cup of coffee (and a cake), or two.

Coffee & cakes time again

In a bit of a rush this time, but felt we all needed another cup of coffee and possibly a cake (for Simon & Joe). So suggesting we meet up again in Costa Coffee, Park Place, next Tuesday – 15th November from 11:00 to 14:00 for a general chat over all things social media, including (as ever) changing the culture of the organisation, good practice, new tools, new gadgets and of course progress on existing programmes of work and initiatives – grant funded and unfunded, sponsored/initiated by the university/department or independent.

Come along and join the “regulars” – we had 11 at our meet-up last month. We all have a passion – “damn fine coffee” …

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PcoMrwEa5o&w=640&h=480]


You wait for a bus, and then …

Yes it’s an all-action day in “Thought grazing Towers”. I’ve been meaning to poll for a day/time for our next socialmedia cafe event, but you know, the time never seemed just quite right, there was always something else that was “more pressing” {don’t laugh}.

Anyway, with Google+ in the wild (OK, under some kind of control in the wild) and with some other interesting developments:

  • What is visible.me, do you see a use case for it?
  • The emergence of Oxygen as a competitor for Dropbox in the enterprise.
  • Should we be pushing Posterous more as an easy-entry socialmedia tool?

… not to mention the feedback from, and follow-up to the Learning and Teaching Conference in May, we need to meet and chat over coffee don’t you think?

There’s a link to a meet-o-matic invite here. I’ll tweet it as well. When I see a good number of folk clustering around a given day/time I’ll re-tweet a revised meet-o-matic. Then I’ll update the side panel and tweet the event – so watch out for further updates. I’ve been thinking about using the cafe at Julian Hodge – what do others think? You might also note one option is late Friday afternoon, that would allow for an adjournment to a local hostelry for the dedicated.

I’ve not been asleep, just resting … it won’t be a roar, but it won’t be a whimper either!

Next event – November 5th; no gunpowder please

We’re meeting again this coming Friday 5th November; again in the Graduate Centre, in the Students Union on Park Place. If you want to drop-in for any length of time between 11:00 and 14:00 you’d be very welcome.

If you want to know more about “thought grazing” go to the “parent site” or drop @thoughtgrazing a tweet.

Let us know you’re coming and use the space below to give an indication of things you’d like to chat about. I’ve added a post below which gives an idea of some topics that might get discussed.

[contact-form 1 “Contact form 1”]